It sounds like you have two problems here: First, your cat must have a lot of playful energy if she can tip over her water bowl. That can actually be a good thing; you just need to channel her energies in a productive manner. Most of us have busy schedules, so it’s important to dedicate at least a few different play periods per day with your cat, such as in the morning, when you get home and in the evening.

You might also consider getting another cat to serve as a playmate. Of course, you could then have two cats knocking over their water bowls. It therefore helps to use heavy bowls, ideally with rubberized bottoms that cling to surfaces. Another option is to buy placemats out of such materials that will achieve the same effect. Trays can additionally facilitate cleanups.

Steve Garner, a board certified veterinarian in League City, Texas, recommends that cat owners provide at least two bowls of water — filled to the brim — in different locations. On hot days, try freezing the water in one. As the day goes on, the water will melt and retain its fresh chill. For the ultimate kitty thirst quencher, Marty Becker, veterinary contributor to “Good Morning America,” suggests that owners purchase water fountains. Some, he says, have “aeration like a mountain stream with a reservoir … and a flowing fountain that helps cool the water and improve the taste of it.”

Hopefully the above solutions will help to keep your kitty both happy and hydrated this summer.