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Close your eyes and imagine:  You come home from a long, stressful day at work.  The boss has been on your back, your clients have been difficult to work with, your commute took twice as long because a bus broke down in the middle of the freeway, and the headache you feel growing in the back of your neck makes you want to cry.  When you finally open your door, kick off your shoes, flop down in your chair… and everything changes. Right as you feel the most defeated, a small ball of purring fur jumps up on your lap and rubs lovingly against you.  In this moment, all the stress and sadness just evaporates – and all you can focus on is the warm little creature comforting you.

This is the power of cats.

Cats and kittens have an almost mystical ability to comfort us in the middle of a chaotic world.  The tiny little meows, the way they knead bread on our bellies, the silly way they play with toys, and the soothing sound of the purr – all of these things help bring a joy and happiness unlike anything else in the world.

At The Daily Cat…

we are committed to finding, reviewing, and highlighting the best cat products, food, and toys for your feline friend.  We understand that your cat is more than a pet – they are your family.  With that in mind, we are committed to delivering unbiased, thorough, and thoughtful news, articles, and reviews focused on the health and well-being of your cat or kitten.

We are fully dedicated to connecting cat owners with the very best products on the market for their furry family member, from grooming devices to fantastic toys.  We are constantly on the lookout for the latest trends, vet recommendations, and news you can use to take care of your cats and provide them with the happiest, healthiest, and richest life possible.  We connect you to expert advice from vets, behavioral specialists, and cat experts – ensuring you have all the information you need to care for your cat in the way they deserve.

At The Daily Cat, we believe in the infinite power of cats and their ability to transform even the darkest days and improve all of life’s moments.  We thank you for the opportunity to help you care for, love, and protect your cat and kitten.

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