Body language is not just restricted to a cat’s tail. From the way your cat stands to the shape of his ears, your cat is saying something.

Your cat’s legs were not made just for walking around.

A bend in the forelegs means the cat would rather avoid a fight, but will defend himself if the need arises. When your cat expands his body, fluffing up, he is showing both confidence and aggression. If the cat’s legs are fullystretched , he is self-assured and prepared to attack. A bend in the hind legs, however, shows indecision or even timidity. When a cat shrinks his body size, legs tucked underneath, he is showing submission, as well as readiness for action.

A cat’s ears do more than just hear; the ears can talk, as well.

When the ears are back and the posture is steady, the cat is unsure of what move to make, considering his options. If the ears are back and the body is low to the ground, this is a display of shame or remorse. The cat’s pricked ears show his interest in what’s going on around him. When a cat raises his head, this is a display of dominance. If the head is lowered, that means submissiveness or even a feeling of inferiority. When the head is completely tucked in, your cat is probably bored. If he’s sneaking around low to the ground at a crawl, he is going after something, stalking his “victim.” Be aware that the cat will soon launch a full-speed assault.