American Curl

Coloring – All colors and patterns are acceptable. However, the tabbies seem to be the most popular. While some exotic colors are available, they’re much harder to find.

Coat Length – The American Curl comes in two coat lengths — shorthair and longhair. The shorthair has a short coat that lies flat, while the longhair has a semi-long coat (that also lies flat) with a full and plumed tail.

Eyes – have no relation to coat color except blue eyes required in colorpoint class.

Overall Appearance – The distinctive feature of the American Curl is their attractive, uniquely curled ears. Curls are well balanced, moderately muscled, slender rather than massive in build.

Personality – They are alert, active, with gentle, even dispositions. Curls adapt easily to all types of lifestyles and will be happy as long as they receive lots of love and attention from their owners.

Interesting Breed Fact – The original American Curl, a longhaired female named Shulamith, was first noted in Southern California in 1981. To the delight of her owners, her first litter included two curly-eared kittens.

Breed information supplied by the
Cat Fanciers’ Association