Coloring – The mature Bombay should be black to the roots. Kitten coats should darken and become m sleeker with age.

Eyes – Gold to copper

Overall Appearance – The Bombay was originated as a hybrid between the Burmese and the American Shorthair. With its jet black, gleaming coat, solid body and sweet facial expression, the ideal Bombay has an unmistakable look of its own.

Personality – Bombays are for people who have always wanted a mini-panther. They are extremely smart and agile. They are easily leash-trained, fetch naturally, and love to guard the house.

Interesting Breed Fact – Prominent cat breeder Nikki Horner of Shawnee Cattery in Louisville, Kentucky set out to create a mini-panther. From her dream, the Bombay breed was born from crossing a Grand Champion sable Burmese and a black American Shorthair.

Breed information supplied by the
Cat Fanciers’ Association