Coloring – The four colors of the Burmese recognized by CFA are: sable, champagne, blue and platinum

Eyes – Ranges from gold to yellow

Overall Appearance – The ideal Burmese would be a cat of medium size with substantial bone structure, good muscular development and a surprising weight for its size. This together with a rounded head, expressive eyes and a sweet expression presents a totally distinctive cat that is comparable to no other breed.

Personality – Burmese are extremely people-oriented; their personalities are almost dog-like in a tendency to shadow their owners and in a desire to give and receive affection. They love warm laps and caressing hands and enjoy cuddling up in bed either under the covers or on top of their favorite persons.

Interesting Breed Fact – Burmese carry surprising weight for their size and have often been described as “bricks wrapped in silk.”

Breed information supplied by the
Cat Fanciers’ Association