Cornish Rex


Coloring – All colors and marking are accepted in the show ring. The most common are solids and bicolors.

Eyes – Blue, gold, odd-eyed, green, blue-green, hazel. Eye color depends upon coat color.

Overall Appearance – The Cornish Rex is distinguished from all other breeds by its extremely soft, wavy coat and racy type. It is surprisingly heavy and warm to the touch. All contours of the Cornish Rex are gently curved.

Personality – In personality, the Cornish Rex is extremely affectionate and people-oriented. They are also active cats whose kitten-like antics last for their lifetime and who can be very inventive in their play.

Interesting Breed Fact – The first Rex, a cream male named Kallibunker, was born in 1950 in Cornwall, England.

Breed information supplied by the
Cat Fanciers’ Association

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