Havana Brown


Coloring – A rich and even shade of warm brown throughout, tending toward red-brown (mahogany) rather than black-brown.

Eyes – Green

Appearance – The first thing an admirer notices is the cat’s glistening mahogany-toned brown coat. Their other incomparable feature is the distinctive head that is slightly longer than it is wide. When viewed in profile, the prominent, broad nose has a definite stop at the eyes. A pronounced whisker break combined with the strong square chin forms a somewhat rounded muzzle, which appears to be a protrusion of the head, sometimes compared to a “corn cob” or the “end of a light bulb”. There is a pronounced break in the bone structure that can be felt when grasping the muzzle with the fingertips. It is unmistakable and no Havana Brown is ever without it!

Personality – This is the perfect cat for the person who wants a sociable, affectionate and intelligent feline friend. A cat as sweet in appearance and color as chocolate. The Havana Brown has a charming, pixyish manner and a soft, intimate voice. Unlike other breeds, which characteristically use their noses to investigate curiosities, the Havana Brown leads with its paws, touching and feeling. They often extend a paw as a means of contact or attempt to gain the attention of passersby. A people oriented breed, these cats quietly demand human companionship.

Interesting Breed Fact – Several theories exist as to how the breed got its name. Some historians insist it was named after the rabbit of the same color; however, most Havana Brown fans choose to believe that the breed got its name because it was the color of a fine Havana cigar.

Breed information supplied by the
Cat Fanciers’ Association

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