Coloring – Most popular color is mi-ke (tri-color), but colors range from white, black, red, black and white, red and white, tortoiseshell, and any other color or pattern or combination thereof (except coloring showing the evidence of hybridization.)

Coat Length – The Japanese Bobtail comes in both Shorthair and Longhair. The Shorthair has a medium length coat, while the Longhair has medium-long to long coat. In both varieties, the coat is soft and silky, without a noticeable undercoat.

Eyes – Harmonizes with coat color. Blue eyes and odd eyes are allowed in any color.

Appearance – The Japanese Bobtail should present the overall impression of a medium sized cat with clean lines and bone structure, well-muscled but straight and slender rather than massive in build. The unique set of its eyes, combined with high cheekbones and a long parallel nose, lend a distinctive Japanese cast to the face, especially in profile, quite different from the other oriental breeds. Its short tail should resemble a bunny tail with the hair fanning out to create a pom-pom appearance that effectively camouflages the underlying bone structure of the tail.

Personality – Japanese Bobtails are strong and healthy cats. Compared to other breeds, they are active earlier, walk earlier and start getting into trouble earlier. Kittens are never born tailless, nor are they born with full tails. They are active, intelligent, talkative cats. Their soft voices are capable of nearly a whole scale of tones; some people say they sing. Since they adore human companionship they almost always speak when spoken to.

Interesting Breed Fact – Japanese Bobtails like to carry things in their mouths, and most enjoy a good game of fetch. Masters of the pounce, these cats love to ride on shoulders. They are good travelers.

Breed information supplied by the
Cat Fanciers’ Association