Color – Ranges from cream, red, lynx points, and parti-color points.

Eyes – Deep vivid blue

Appearance – The slender lines and flowing coat hide a rock hard body capable of amazing feats of acrobatic proportions. The Javanese has a medium length, fine, silky coat, without downy undercoat. The coat lies close to the body, and may appear shorter than it really is. Their markings can vary from a soft sprinkling of red and cream on a background of seal, blue, chocolate or lilac, to bold splashes of color, sometimes creating a clown-like appearance.

Personality – The Javanese is a breed for folks who want a little spice in their lives. Javanese are a study of contradictions – elegant refinement, sometimes fragile in appearance in reality hard and muscular with surprising strength. Highly intelligent, they become familiar with their human’s routine. They will “talk”, gently reminding when you are late with meals or play time, joyously greeting you whenever you have been away. As a rule, the Javanese voice is softer and gentler than the Siamese. They use their paws like little hands to open cabinets and drawers in search of a favorite toy they saw you hide.

Interesting Breed Fact – Tortie points are the Javanese version of a dizzy blond or crazy redhead acting almost as if, between the splashes of red and cream mixed with the background color, they can’t make up their minds how they are supposed to behave. They “speak” their minds freely and entertain you with their antics. If Lucille Ball was ever reincarnated as a cat, she would definitely be a tortie!

Breed information supplied by the
Cat Fanciers’ Association