Color – Silver-tipped blue all over, the silver sufficient to produce a silver halo effect. The hair is usually lighter at the roots with a gradient of blue, which is deepest just before the tips, which are silver.

Eyes – Like all newborn kittens at first the eyes are blue, changing to amber with a green tinge around the pupil during adolescence. Then, when the cat reaches approximately two of age, the eyes are luminous green.

Appearance – Its general appearance is of a silver blue cat with a heavy silver sheen, medium sized, hard-bodied, and muscular – all smooth curves with huge eyes, luminous, alert, and expressive. Perfect physical condition, alert appearance.

Personality – They are gentle pets, moving softly and cautiously, disliking sudden, loud or harsh noises. Those destined to be shown must be trained from birth to accept noise and handling, possibly by keeping a radio on in the nursery, and by lifting and posing the kitten as judges do. Korats form an exceptionally strong bond of affection with their owners and respond warmly to cuddling, setting as close as possible.

Interesting Breed Fact – The earliest known picture of a Korat, or Si-Sawat, cat is to be found in the ancient book of paintings and verses known as The Cat-Book Poems in Bangkok’s National Library. It is believed by the Fine Arts Department, a division of Thailand’s Ministry of Education, to have been produced some time during the Ayudhya Period of Siamese History (1350-1767). The gift of a pair of Si-Sawat cats to a bride ensures a fortunate marriage.

Breed information supplied by the
Cat Fanciers’ Association