Color – Norwegian Forest Cats appear in coats of most colors, from pure white to deepest coal black, with every possible coat pattern and color combination in between. Some colors even change from light to darker tones with the seasons.

Eyes – Should be shades of green, gold, or green-gold. White cats may have blue or odd eyes.

Appearance – These lovely cats are really two for the price of one, they can differ so greatly in looks from summer to winter. Some time in the spring they take off their “winter underwear”, the downy undercoat that provides warmth, and the long non-tangling outer guardhairs that act as protection from rain and snow. The contrast can be quite extreme. The tail is always magnificent, being as much as twelve inches or more when fanned to its fullest.

Personality – These affectionate cats are too independent to sit on your lap. However, they do need plenty of companionship and will happily nap alongside of you. These quiet cats are great with children and can even get along well with dogs and other animals if introduced to them early.

Interesting Breed Fact – These are the cats that explored the world with the Vikings, protecting the grain stores on land and sea, and which are believed to have left their progeny on the shores of North America as a legacy to the future. Is their Norse name accurate? Yes, the skogkatt, meaning forest cat, really did come out of the Scandinavian forests some time in the last 4,000 years.

Breed information supplied by the
Cat Fanciers’ Association