Color – Over 100 coat colors and patterns are available from blues to blacks and tabbies to bi-colors.

Coat Length – The Selkirk Rex comes in two coat lengths – Shorthair and Longhair. The Shorthair coat is dense and full with texture that is soft, plushy, and obviously curly. The Longhair coat is fuller and not as plush as the shorthair coat. Both have a random, unstructured coat, arranged in loose, individual curls.

Eyes – Copper, gold, yellow or green; blue in van, colorpoint; odd-eyed allowed in white cats.

Appearance – Selkirks are a medium to large cat, healthy and sturdy. They are incredibly patient, loving and tolerant. From the moment they are born, curly kittens can be distinguished from their straight haired littermates by their curly whiskers. Kittens with their curly coats and inquisitive playfulness are irresistible to watch. As they grow, the curl varies, but is always there. As they get older, the curly whiskers that are so cute on a kitten can become brittle and break off – leaving them with whiskers that are barely there.

Personality – Easygoing and laid back, this cat is a wonderful family cat especially for families. The Selkirk Rex is an active cat with a sweet and endearing personality.

Interesting Breed Fact – One of the newest natural breeds, this naturally curly cat originated from a housecat, Miss DePesto of Noface, found in a shelter in Wyoming. Currently there are not many curly pets available – most curly cats, especially females, are in breeding programs. Males are usually more readily available and make wonderful, affectionate pets.

Breed information supplied by the
Cat Fanciers’ Association