Blissful Cat

Nail Trimming at a Good Clip

Are your cat’s claws catching on clothing, carpeting or furniture? If so, it might be time to brush up on your feline manicurist skills. Here are some tips for doing the job with maximum results and minimum discomfort — for all involved.

Lost Cats Found

From the missing cat files: success stories of found felines. In addition to these true-life tales, tips on what to do if your little pal ever decides to go on an adventure.

shallow focus photography of white and brown cat

Photographing Your Elusive Feline

Capturing quality images of your cat can prove to be a challenge, since most felines aren’t willing subjects. By following these tips from our pet photography experts, you’ll soon be showing off your perfect pet pics.

Technology Made for Cats

Want to monitor what your cat is doing at any given time of day? New high-tech devices, such as a cat collar that tweets on Twitter, can help you do just that.