Diet and Ingredients

New Recipes Transform Canned Cat Food

If variety is the spice of life, then today’s canned cat food is red hot, given all of the choices now available. Find out how new flavor combinations, textures, marinades and more could make your feline meow for seconds.

Foods for Healthy Hair

If your cat’s fur looks less than fabulous these days, it could be a signal that your be-furred buddy is not receiving enough nutrients. Learn the connection between food and fur, and how you can help your cat to look and feel its best.

shallow focus photography of brown tabby kitten on couch

Meow-Worthy Meals

With so many cat food options on store shelves, how do you decide what’s best for your finicky feline? This paw-by-paw guide shows how to pick the right products for your pet — at all stages of life.

Flavors Cats Love, Hate and Ignore

Cats seem to have mastered the look of indifference, particularly when it comes to food. But the upturned nose may have more to do with feline taste buds than pickiness. Here are helpful hints to keep your cat coming back for more.