Health Care

Insure Your Kitty’s Health

All health care decisions for your cat should be based on your veterinarian’s recommendations, but they can be influenced by the cost of treatment. Here are a few good questions to ask before you settle on a pet insurance provider.

The Most Unlikely Cat Hero

In the aftermath of the Oklahoma tornadoes, humans and animals alike banded together in search and rescue efforts. This is the story of how one feral cat put aside natural instincts and saved the life of an injured kitten.

Dental Care for all Cats

Feline teeth can benefit from regular brushing, so until your kitty learns how to hold a toothbrush, you’re on dental duty. Learn how dental hygiene affects overall health, and the best brushing technique to do at home.

Russian Blue cat sleeping on whit textile

Veterinarians Who Visit You

Decades ago, veterinarians always made house calls when needed. Now, mobile pet health care services are reemerging in many cities across the country. Could in-home care meet the needs of you and your cat?