The Daily Cat Holiday Gift Guide


The average cat owner buys about nine toys a year for their cat, and six out of 10 cat owners say they buy gifts for their cats. The number-one gift-giving holiday is Christmas (of course!), but it’s not easy to find the special present that will pamper your precious pussycat. Check out these special, can’t-miss gift suggestions. But don’t forget that while gifts may be fun, but nothing’s better than lots of tender love and care. Your cat’s favorite toy is YOU.

Peek-A-Boo Mouse House
Attention all multicat households! There’s finally a cat toy that two feline friends can easily play with at the same time. The Peek-A-Boo Mouse House is a hollow cylinder made of faux leopard fur that houses a little catnip mouse held by elastic. As soon as your cat reaches in for the peeking mouse, it snaps back inside the cylinder. There are openings on both ends, so Kitty can reach in from one side, while Fluffy reaches in from the other. Tons of multicat fun!

Classy Pets Boutique, (866) 872-4785

Retail price: $16.95

Cat Mat
Throw away those old, ragged sheets that you’ve been using to protect your furniture from cat hair — you know the ones. There’s a much more attractive alternative on the market. The hand-knitted Cat Mat serves a dual purpose: It protects your furniture from cat hair and also provides your feline queen and king with a warm and cozy sleeping surface. It comes in assorted colors and can easily blend in with any home’s décor. The Cat Mat is made from a blend of mohair, wool, and nylon and can be hand washed.

My Pet Boutique, (866) 469-7387
Retail price: $20

Elastic Velvet Cat Collar
When her humans are dressed to the nines for their holiday celebrations, puss deserves to be adorned in style. Of course, a pretty dress or handsome suit would look completely ridiculous on any cat, not to mention being impossible to put on. Instead, get her an elastic velvet color with a pretty charm attached. Choose from several different styles to match your cat’s personality, including the red collar with faux ruby heart, the baby pink collar with rhinestone charm and the silver gray collar with pearl charm.

George (877) 322-3232

Retail price: $24

Mistletoe Mouse
Why should Tom miss out on all the smooching under the mistletoe? Get him the catnip Mistletoe Mouse. As soon as he picks it up, you can bend down and plant a big wet kiss on his forehead. What better gift is there than kisses? And the catnip can only add to his holiday merriment.

CatToys (877) 364-8677

Retail price: $3.99 or two for $7

Dog Breed Catnip Toys
Imagine kitty spending her holiday season chasing German Shepherds and Poodles around the house for hours. (No, I haven’t been dipping into the eggnog.) These adorable hand-knitted catnip toys are designed to look like a variety of dog breeds. Each one comes with a string attached, so Kitty can swat at Fido as much as she likes. Dog-loving humans will get a kick out of them as well. Six dog breeds are available, including the Daschund, Chihuahua, Spaniel and Fox Terrier.

George (877) 322-3232

Retail price: $8

Easyview Windowsill Bird Feeder
Give your cat the gift of nature. In some environments it’s way too dangerous to let kitty outdoors unsupervised. You can bring the outdoors to her with the Easyview Windowsill Bird Feeder. This bird feeder attaches to the outside of any window with a tension rod (included) and is made of sturdy cedar wood. Just drop some birdseed in the bottom and watch the birds come. Kitty will be entertained for hours. The back of the bird feeder, which is right against your window, is a two-way mirror, so you and your cat can see the birds close up, but you won’t shoo away them away.

Birding Company (845) 355-8412

Retail price: $76.95

And something for you…
In 1875, Edwina Von Stetina, a young naturalist from London, inherited Mewingham Manor from her seafaring uncle, Captain Bartholomew Kitt. At the manor, Edwina discovers that Captain Kit has brought home two remarkable species: winged cats called Flittens and tiny flying nice called Minis. At least, this is the story of Mewingham Manor: Observations on a Curious New Species, which is the fictional journal of Edwina’s first year at the manor. Laura H. Von Stetina is the artist and author of this remarkable book. There are 30 paintings and 100 sketches of the most adorable and exquisite cats and mice you have ever seen, and Edwina’s journal finds just the right combination of scientific observation and delight. This is a book you will be taking down from the shelf again and again.

The Greenwich Workshop Press

Retail price: $19.99

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