Cats are adorable creatures but sometimes, they can have their issues. Anyone who has ever had a cat knows that they like to pretend they are independent, but really need you for everything. Cats don’t like to tell you if they are ill, just hungry, so you have to watch them carefully. And, even if they do eat, sometimes cats remain skinny as a rail.

Here is a guide to explain how to tell if your cat is too skinny and how to fatten up a cat if they need it:

How Do you Know Your Cat Is too Skinny?

Cats, in general, would like their pet parents to think they can do everything themselves until it is time for dinner. The cat’s immune system is different from humans in many ways, but the most notable way is that they do not store energy in the same way the human body does. Any energy that a cat accumulates from their protein diet is used right away.

Nevertheless, it is important to know if your feline friend is too thin. Figuring this out is not as simple as it may sound, as it depends heavily on your cat’s specific age, body type, breed, and overall health.

The first way to know how much your cat should weigh is by knowing the appropriate weight for the type of furbaby you have adopted. The more you know about what your cat is and where they came from, the better you will be able to understand their dietary needs.

Of course, this is not always possible, as cats who are adopted are often found on the street or their lineage is otherwise unknown (poor babies). If this is the case, or you just don’t know your cat’s ideal weight, Pet Place offers some easy to follow visual clues:

  • Very narrow waist

  • Prominent rib cage

  • Obvious shoulder blades

  • Visible spine and ribs

You should always be conscious of whether your cat is too thin or just right because an underweight cat should seek medical attention right away.

Reasons a Cat is Too Skinny

Cats can be difficult to figure out. Sometimes, they eat normally, and yet, they still lose weight. Sometimes, you’re not sure exactly how much your cat eats, because they are private, but you always have food out for them when they decide to make an appearance.

Regardless of your cat’s specific habits, there are many common reasons your cat is too skinny:

How to Fatten up a Cat

There could be a medication or other health regiment that your cat needs to go on to regain their strength but if your cat is underweight, the first order of business is usually to fatten them up. If your cat does not have the strength to fight the illness and recover, there is no amount of medicine that is going to help them. Above all, they need to eat.

So, here are the most popular ways to fatten up a cat:

In summation, a cat that is underweight is in just as, if not more trouble than a cat that is overweight. While there are many reasons your kitty is not eating, the result is the same. Cats cannot survive long without the right type of food. Their energy and health decline rapidly if they do not eat. So, if you notice that your cat looks underweight, or is not eating properly, you need to get them help and fatten them up right away.