Tips for Pet-Proofing Your Home


A cat will amaze you with her endless curiosity about the world around her and her ability to get into spots you thought were inaccessible. To keep your cat safe at home, remember these tips:

  • Clear the yard, garage and basement of all toxic household poisons, insecticides and anti-freeze.

  • Don’t leave bathtubs or basins filled with water, close toilet lids, put secure screens on all windows, flatten dangerous tin cans and properly dispose of sharp lids. Put any sharp sewing or arts-and-crafts supplies (especially needles, thread and yarn) away, and keep any dangling electrical cords and string out of your cat’s reach.

  • Cats are fascinated by small, cozy, enclosed spaces. Be sure that your cat isn’t in the closet, dresser drawer, cupboard, or washer/dryer when you close the doors.

  • Common house plants can cause a problem, especially philodendron, poinsettia, dieffenbachia and ivy. Hang the plants out of your cat’s reach, and provide other objects to appease his curiosity. Consider growing a pot of cat-safe grass if your kitty likes to munch on “salad.”

  • At holiday time, keep your cat away from the Christmas tree and decorations. Hang “cat safe” ornaments made of cardboard on the lower branches. Broken ornaments, tinsel, ribbon and cord, if swallowed, can cause serious health problems.

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