Spaying or Neutering Your Cat


Millions of kittens and cats are put to death each year because there are not enough homes for them. Spaying or neutering your cat will help to alleviate this tragedy, and will also help make a better pet for you.

Unspayed female cats are very restless during their mating season. They will yowl, cry and attempt to get out of the house in search of a mate. Unneutered male cats will be territorial — often spraying the walls, furniture and other areas of the house to mark their territory. They also have a very strong, offensive urine odor. Unneutered males will frequently roam the neighborhood and get into fights with other cats.

Altering your cat will cause no change in his personality, but instead will help to eliminate these negative behaviors. It will make both the male and female more gentle, placid and home-loving. Contrary to common belief, your female cat will be just as healthy and happy if she does not have a litter of kittens. Altering your cat will not cause your cat to become overweight.

The surgical procedures for both males and females should be performed at an early age. Your veterinarian can discuss this with you during your kitten’s first check-up.

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