Nutrition Now

Cat Food for Seniors

An old cat doesn’t necessarily mean a healthy cat. Help your feline achieve optimal wellness by feeding it the right food for this advanced stage of life.

brown and white cat on white textile

Why Your Cat Won’t Eat

Is your cat finicky to the point that it’s showing a loss of appetite? This can signal a number of problems, but all can be prevented and treated.

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Matching Food to Your Feline

Want to know which food choices are best for your cat’s profile? Pet nutritional consultant Bernadine Cruz, DVM, is an expert at picking the perfect foods for any feline.

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Seven Signs Your Cat’s Eating Right

Evidence exists that you’ve made the right cat food choice, and it comes in the form of your very own feline friend. Find out how, in seven steps, you can see the way your cat food may promote healthy vitality in your pet.