What is homemade cat food, how do you make it, and is it better than store-bought?

2020-10-15T19:41:06-04:00October 14th, 2020|

Interest in how our food is made and where it comes from continues to grow. We want to know that we’re eating in sustainable ways, both in terms of our health and the environment. If it’s local, organic, and part of a balanced diet, awesome! If our meal comes with a carbon footprint and little

How similar are fast food and cat food chicken products?

2020-10-02T20:32:36-04:00October 2nd, 2020|

They’re both processed, flavored, wrapped in brightly colored packaging, and have shelf lives that seem pretty much infinite. So are there any similarities between the recipes used to make your go-to fast-food chicken sandwich, and your cat’s favorite bowl of chicken kibble or jelly? Why the comparison? Both fast food and pet food brands

Cat-Friendly Superfoods

2020-07-26T22:07:18-04:00July 25th, 2020|

If you’ve been working on your personal health and wellness goals, you’ve probably started making smarter choices about adding nutrient-dense foods to your diet. Not all foods are made equal! Superfoods are incredible because they offer more nutrient bang per calorie – helping the body to receive optimal health benefits while still satisfying a

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