La Perm


Color – The LaPerm comes in all colors and patterns.

Coat Length – The LaPerm comes in both Shorthair and Longhair coat length. The Longhair coat will have a moderately soft, springy coat texture standing away from the body in ringlet type curls or waves over most of the cat. The longest curls are on the underside of the neck and at the base of the ears. Both males and females can have a full neck ruff. The curlier the better. There are very few guard hairs, however the thicker and heavier the coat the better. Shorthaired LaPerms do not have the ruff or a plumed tail.

Eyes – Any eye color is acceptable. Eye color has no relation to coat color.

Appearance – The LaPerm is medium sized, curly coated with semi-foreign type. All parts of the body are in harmony with the size of the cat. There is evidence of surprising weight for size. The cat is alert and seems to be walking tall on his feet.

Personality – The LaPerm’s coat does not mat easily and it is considered a low maintenance breed.

Interesting Breed Fact – The original LaPerm was a barn cat named Speedy.

Breed information supplied by the
Cat Fanciers’ Association

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