Cats can be loving, adorable, and sometimes very stinky. Every cat owner knows that smell. It doesn’t seem to matter what you do, that smell… that nose-coiling, offensive, wretched scent still seems to permeate the air of your otherwise sweet-smelling home. It’s enough to drive even the most dedicated cat parent bonkers.

Of course, you love your feline companion but you do not love the way they and their cat litter box can ripen up a room. Fortunately, here are a few different methods to get rid of that horrible cat litter smell:

Practice Good Litter Box Hygiene

Cats try their best to keep their environments nice and clean. Yet, for as independent as they can be, they still need their fur mom and/or dad to keep their cat litter clean and sanitary. This is a duty that cat parents take on knowingly. Although, many cat parents underestimate the smell of a litter box.

Even the most vigilant litter box cleaners sometimes have their battles with the cat litter smell. So, one of the most important things to do to get rid of that cat litter smell is to continuously keep up on your cat’s litter box hygiene. Here is exactly what that means:

  • Use the Scooper Every Day (At Least): That scooper needs to be used to keep that litter box clean at minimum once per day. The quicker you can get the business scooped, the better. However, since you can’t stand guard at your cat’s litter box, once or twice per day should be good to mitigate that cat litter smell.

  • Change the Litter 2X Per Week: Getting into a schedule is the easiest way to conquer this chore. If you can consistently change your cat’s litter two times per week, this will significantly decrease the litter box smell.

  • Clean the Litter Box Thoroughly: The litter box is literally a toilet for your cat. So, when you clean it, you should make sure it is always thoroughly scrubbed. Just dumping and replacing the litter without giving it a good scrub-down can make the box a breeding ground for bacteria. This could be responsible for the smell but it can also make your cat sick.

  • Add Baking Soda to Cat Litter: Baking soda absorbs scents and is also good for cleaning. Plus, the texture, if mixed with cat litter is likely not to bother your furry friend.

  • Replace the Litter Box Every Year: Since cats always bury their business, they occasionally scratch the plastic of the litter box. While the litter box is designed for that, these scratches can also harbor bacteria. So, if you replace the litter box once per year, you can feel confident that you are keeping your kitty as safe and your house smelling as fresh as possible.

Do Not Try to Masque the Litter Box Smell

When the stink gets too bad but you don’t have time to give the litter box a scrub, you may be tempted to just spray some smell-good air freshener or push some potpourri in the direction of the litter box. Unfortunately, this is more like putting perfume on a skunk. It doesn’t actually help the smell and it can be irritating to your pet.

Instead, keep vigilant with your litter box hygiene and choose a litter that both you and your cat like. It might be a bit of a compromise, admittedly, since some litters have perfumes that can be unwelcoming to a cat. However, it will be worth it in the long run.

Put Litter Boxes in a Place with Good Ventilation

While the idea of putting your litter box out in the open is a cringe-worthy idea for most cat parents, it is important that you keep your litter box in a place with good ventilation. Not only does this make it a nicer place for your cat to do their business, but it also does wonders to get rid of the smell of the litter box.

Now, you don’t have to put the litter in the middle of your family room but try to find a spot that is private but not secluded. If you have a mudroom that is attached to the house, that is a great option. Other cat parents opt for a private bathroom, possibly with a window or the laundry room.

Use Filters to Help Dissipate the Cat Litter Smell

There is a crazy amount of litter boxes on the market today. The good news is that you can get a litter box that works for both you and your furry friend. The unfortunate part about this is that for a new cat parent or a finicky cat, the options can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, if you are having a problem with that cat litter smell, there are also plenty of options for filters, which can help dispel the cat litter smell. Whether you have a regular box or a hooded box for your cat litter, there are different types and styles for you to choose from.

Charcoal is the most common type of filter and it can be reused after spending some time in the sun. Although, if you are not comfortable with reusing it, charcoal is inexpensive enough that it can be replaced as often as necessary without causing yourself or your household financial strain.

Use Clumping Litter

There are almost as many types of litter as there are litter boxes. Many options are now available in clumping litter. While this won’t directly help the litter smell, it does make it easier to scoop up your cat’s business (both number one and number two). So, that will make the litter last longer while remaining sanitary. Being able to successfully spot clean your cat’s litter box will greatly improve the stink of the cat litter.

Give Your Cat Options with More than One Litter Box

Even if you only have one feline companion, you should give them options when it comes to their litter box preferences. Yes, that does mean that you need to clean out two litter boxes but if there is only one cat, you are helping to disperse the litter box stench. Plus, having more than one litter box helps prevent accidents and could even lessen the stress level of your cat.

Ditch Plastic Liners

Many cats don’t even like plastic liners because they can get snagged on their claws when they dig. Yet, worse than that, for your stink issue, sometimes a cat’s business can seem in between the liner and the box, which means it is not getting absorbed by the litter, which will add to the stink of the litter box.

Not to mention, no one, cat, or human likes a leaky liner and if any of the business gets out, that is exactly what you will have.

In short, do not let this horrific smell ruin the joy of having your beautiful cat by your side. The cat is only doing what they need to do and as you can see, there are effective ways to battle the disgusting smell of the litter box. All you need to do is find a method and schedule that works for you and you’ll be good to go!