There is always at least a little bit of concern for your cat when they vomit, as most pet parents know that is never a pleasant experience. However, unlike humans, cats sometimes vomit for reasons other than illness.

Cats are true carnivores, (Obligate Carnivores), meaning that they only need meat and animal tissue to survive. Plants, grass, and other non-animal byproducts, for the most part, are not toxic to cats but they might make your cat vomit; although that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Considering their strict dietary needs, sometimes it is necessary for cats to vomit, even when they are not ill.

Here is the lowdown on vomiting in cats and when you should worry about your furry friend:

Why Do Cats Vomit?

Cats vomit for many different reasons. Those reasons can range from hairballs to the indication of a serious issue. So here are some of the most common reasons your cat vomits:

Unfortunately, there is a long list of illnesses or health-risk conditions that could cause your cat to vomit. Since cats do not usually tell their pet parents when they don’t feel well, because they don’t want to show weakness, vomiting could be the first (and only) symptom of illness your cat displays. So, you need to make sure you watch your cat carefully to pick up on any oddities in their behavior, vomit, or bathroom business.

When Should You Worry About Your Cat Vomiting?

Cleaning up cat vomit (or regurgitation) is a gross inconvenience in everyone’s day. Pet parent or cat, throwing up is never pleasant for anyone involved. However, there are certain signs that pet parents need to be aware of to know when your cat is vomiting because they ate toilet paper again, or they are having a real problem.

What Should You Do When Your Cat is Vomiting from Illness?

There is nothing pleasant about this discussion. However, if you think that your cat is vomiting excessively or has any of the other signs mentioned above, call your vet immediately. When you call them, though, be prepared to talk about these different attributes to help your vet determine the cause as quickly as possible:

To close, there are a multitude of reasons why a cat vomits. Some of those reasons are cause for concern but some of those reasons are a normal response for cat’s bodies to flush their system. However, always consult a veterinarian if you feel like your cat is vomiting more than they should be, as there could be an underlying issue. After all, you know your furbaby best!